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Partial shading as significant factor in biodiversity of plants in Israel 2022

Moderate shading, soil-habitat factors, climate, and interactions among species and nearby individual plants influence the biodiversity of plant species growing in Israel

We examined the composition of vegetation in open areas, and the understory plants in maquis and forests. Unique concentrations of rare plants were found under moderate shading in eucalyptus forests in the Sharon, Shfela, and the Jezreel Valley. Stable populations of Iris Haynei were found primarily in open pine forest. Iris Bismarckiana grows more in open eucalyptus forest. Recruitment and survival of oak sprouts were found more in forests under partial shading conditions.

In contrast to Western and Northern Mediterranean countries with summer rains, In Eastern Mediterranean lack of water, and not a lack of light, is the major factor affecting growing conditions. Partial shading allows the entry of a sufficient sunlight while slowing down the dehydration of the soil, and creates a variety of ecological conditions.

shading, understory, rare plants, red plants, eucalyptus, Recruitment, survival, water, irradiation, sunlight, dehydration, plant ecology, Nir Herr,

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